LRP (linux router project) and samba

Nathaniel Pendleton smbtechbox at
Wed Jan 31 09:01:54 GMT 2001

I want LRP's (Linux Router Project) smb.lrp for SAMBA updated.
I am not a programmer but I want to build an LRP-CD based server for LANs.

0) Does anyone have Samba and LRP (linux router project) experience?
1) Can/do all writable samba cleint/server system files live in the /etc/
     CD-R will hold binaries, and writable floppy will hold /etc/.
2) Can anyone help me update smb-2b.lrp from 2.0.4b to 2.0.7?
3) If yes, can anyone help be compiled for LRP-CD kernal?

Thankyou for help in advance!

LRP is the Linux Router Project, booting a firewall/NAT/router
from a single floppy, on 486 or better, 2 nics and NO HARD DRIVE!
Great for LANs.
Coyote Linux LRP distro has easy floppy install

Features can be added to an LRP disk using .lrp files.
.lrp files are .tar.gz files, bundling binaries. This saves
floppy space and simplifies disk building.

smb-2b.lrp is the last smb.lrp built, Samba version 2.0.4b!
There is also swat support, and tons of other LRP stuff, but
Koon Wong has not updated his work in 1.5 years, nor has
he a working email. :(

Thank you Charles Steinkuehler for LRP-CD and your full site
LRP-CD removes total LRP file size limit (the floppy). LRP-CD
bootable CD-R, holds readonly binaries, and the floppy holds
/etc/ config files, log files, and several other writable files. The
floppy can boot non-El Torrito boxen, but reduces space for
config and log space.  By enhancing LRP-CD, we avoid
small floppy size, speeds development by leverage the work
of others, improve upgrades manageability, and prevent many
types of tampering (for security).  LRP-CD also supports IDE
CD so IDE harddrive support is already in the kernal.

Joshua Jackson described possible smb.lrp project requirements here.

Embedded Linux is described here

Kyzo's pizzabox linux is similar in goal but 200 Pound Sterling (~$280) is

Thanks again...


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