Printer Paused Problems

Geoff Silver geoff at
Mon Jan 29 14:45:14 GMT 2001

	I know this list generally revolves around 2.2 and TNG stuff, but
I as hoping someone might be able to help.  I've been running Samba on
various Linux boxes for some time, all with great success.  However, I
recently set up Samba 2.0.7 on the latest FreeBSD.  I'm using LPRng for
printing, and find that Windows 9x boxes always report the printers as
"Paused".  Printing, however, works fine.  I've tried LPRng 3.6.26 and
3.7.1 with Samba 2.0.5a and 2.0.7, and all give the same results.
	According to Patrick Powell (LPRng author), he hasn't made any
changes to the way LPRng reports its status.  Seeing as how these versions
work fine under several Linux variants (Mandrake, Red Hat, Debian), I'm
not sure if this is a FreeBSD issue, or a Samba issue (or perhaps still a
LPRng issue).
	The only info I've found by scouring the net is an _old_ list
archive where the explanation was that LPRng was reporting it's status in
a manner which Samba was becoming "confused" - eg, LPRng was reporting
"printer lp0 ready and waiting", thus Samba was "Ready", and then "Paused"
	All the config files are set up correctly (I've even used
duplicates from working Linux systems), including setting printing = lprng
and setting each of the print commands (queuepause, queueresume, lppause,
lpresume, print command, etc, etc).
	Any help is incredibly appreciated, since this is preventing us
from putting this box into production.  Thanks.

Geoff Silver					<geoff at uslinux dot net>
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