Printer-Properties 2.2-alpha

Tim Potter tpot at
Sun Jan 28 17:28:34 GMT 2001

Greg Dickie writes:

> > On Sun, 28 Jan 2001, Matthias Schuendehuette wrote:

> > I have only one (show-stopper) problem concerning the printer properties
> > and the document defaults. I'm not able to set/save them in any way. That
> > concernes the paper size (LETTER is not the standard in Europe) as well
> > as additional printer features such as stackers, paper trays and so on.
> > BTW: I'm talking about the latest HP LaserJet Drivers for 4000, 4050,
> > 8000, 8150 etc.

Greg Dickie writes:

> I have the same problem, although they do appear to get saved and show up
> and times, it does not seem predictable.

So I take it that the property changes are just not sticking for
you both as opposed to getting a permission denied messages?


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