Sending profile/home/username path

ctrlsoft at ctrlsoft at
Fri Jan 26 14:25:38 GMT 2001


I'm trying to debug my code and finding out where my 
troubles are caused by. 

I only can't find the position where Samba sends the packet 
with the profile path, the home path and the username. 

The strange thing is, Windows does mount the users' home 
directory as Z: and it does read ntuser.dat from the users' 
profile dir, but when pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del, Windows says 
'No Person' is logged on. Using something like 'net use 
H: /home' also fails with Windows saying it doesn't know 
what the users' home dir is.

Where in the samba code can I find the function that sends 
this data (some structure with unicode strings ?) to the NT 



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