Adding a feature to the smbd

Thomas Langås tlan at
Fri Jan 26 02:27:17 GMT 2001

Richard Sharpe:
> >> OK, change the source environment statement so that it does something like:
> >>    /bin/sh -vx /path/to/your/shell/script >&/tmp/logfile
> >> or something like that.
> >[protst]
> >        source environment = |/bin/bash -vx
> /usr/local/samba/bin/ %I >&/tmp/logfile
> >        comment = %$(USER)
> >        path = %$(PROFILE_PATH)
> >Didn't give _anything_ at all...
> The source environment parameter is a global parameter!
> It seems to be ignored if placed in a share context. It should be fine for
> you in the [global] section ...

Ok, and globals are processed each time someone connects as well?

With this in mind, however, I'd say that my patch was the optimal solution
for what I wanted to do, anyway. With source environment you need to set a
lot of ENV-vars if you plan to have a couple of dynamic shares.


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