Adding a feature to the smbd

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Fri Jan 26 02:18:29 GMT 2001

At 02:35 AM 1/26/01 +0100, Thomas Langås wrote:
>Richard Sharpe:
>> Hmmm, I don't have 2.0.7 on my machines anymore, but I tested that back in
>> early 2000, I believe, when I was writing Special Edition, Using Samba.
>> It does work on 2.2.0 (CVS) that I currently use.
>> Change the envvar to something like USER, which should show up as ROOT ...
>> This will help us figure out if the mechanism is not working or the envvar
>> does not exist.
>That did work, how is it possible to test the source environment-part then? 

OK, change the source environment statement so that it does something like:

   /bin/sh -vx /path/to/your/shell/script >&/tmp/logfile

or something like that.


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