Samba Password Encryption vs. C209

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Thu Jan 25 23:44:52 GMT 2001

Andrew Edem wrote:
> C208 (CAE Specification) Protocols for X/Open PC 
> Interworking: SMB, Version 2 says that lan 
> manager passwords should be encrypted against a
> string of eight question marks, then encrypted against 
> the challenge key presented by the server, yet samba 
> encrypts the password against "\x4B\x47\x53\x21\x40\x23\x24\x25".

I think the ???????? was because they didn't know the 
encryption key :)  (no joke).

> Secondly, the DES routines in Samba seem to vary 
> from the other algorithms I've seen. (I'm assuming these 
> are either related, or the X/Open standard is VERY off.)
> I guess I'm wondering why Samba differs from the standard.

Not a clue on this one.  But as Chris said, "The way NT does it"
is really is the standard.  I don't think the X/Open folks had
all the details from MS when they wrote that spec.

Cheers, jerry
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