[Fwd: Samba 2.0.7 and FHS conventions]

Gerald Carter gcarter at valinux.com
Thu Jan 25 14:12:06 GMT 2001

David Lee wrote:
> Perhaps someone from the core Samba Team could say 
> whether the *principle* of alignment with GNU (and/or 
> FHS) would at least be considered or not. If so, then those 
> of us in favour would know it would be worth pursuing
> and coming up with the practical suggestions.

My feeling is that the current file locations is steeped
in historical precedence.  We've always done it that way :)
Any change at this point would probably be ok as long as 
it does not break existing installations.

For my two cents, when I was a sysadmin at a university,
For 2.0.x, I always ran 

	# ./configure --prefix=/usr/samba
	# cp -p bin/?mbd /usr/samba/bin
	# ln -s /usr/samba/lib/smb.conf /etc

and way pretty happy with it.  Now as a developer, I love
having everything in one place (/usr/local/samba) 'cause
I always end up blowing the directory away a couple time a 
day. :-)  No messy cleanup :-)

btw...All compiled software should go in /usr/local/.  
A config file in /etc is fine.  But binaries IMO should be
in /usr/local/ (not /usr).  Just my IMO as a sysadmin 
and developer.

[quickly covers in flame-proof shirt and shorts...]

Cheers, jerry
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