Wild Patches...

John Quirk jbquirk at tpg.com.au
Tue Jan 23 13:49:27 GMT 2001

Having been watching these lists for a while, and I know this has come
up before.
But there seems to be no system for submitting patches, or a place for
patches to go that
MAY break SAMBA for some systems but give a needed function to a
particular user group.

Ones I have spotted recently are:
one from Serg Alexandrov which is claimed fixed a problem
with the file smbd/dir.c not seeing win3.1/DOS shares correctly.
For full text look at this post

Urban Widmark also posted one for Disappearing Mounts

Whilst I have no idea if these patches work or cause SAMBA to fail in
and odd ways. It seems to me we may missing at least some import
temporary fixes
for current problems or possibly new ideas.

The Kernel has had patches in this vein with place like

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