More DCE Problems

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Mon Jan 22 20:42:46 GMT 2001

> First off, if there is a more code specific mailing 
> list that I should be using, please tell me...

Ryan, try posting to the samba-technical mailing list instead.
I'm forwarded this message there.

> In trying to compile in DCE authentication, 
> everything compiles fine now but I get link errors on a 
> few calls,
> dce_error_inq_text
> sec_login_setup_identity
> as a couple examples.  I think they are supposed to be 
> in libsecurity but there not.  The question is, do we just 
> have an old version of libsecurity, if so, where do I get 
> a newer one?  Or is there another library I can link 
> against that has these calls?  Any help would be
> greatly appreciated.
> Ryan Westphal
> Staff, Rochester Institute of Technology

Cheers, jerry
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