Adding a feature to the smbd

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Sun Jan 21 04:34:35 GMT 2001

At 02:24 PM 1/21/01 +1000, Richard Sharpe wrote:
>At 04:58 AM 1/21/01 +0100, Anders C. Thorsen wrote:
>>Generally smbd looks at the configuration _every_ time smbd is started,
>>i.e. every time you attach to a share, etc.
>Ummm, no, not every time you attach to a share.
>smbd is started once by the init scripts, and then once when each user
>connects to the server, which is generally when they first connect to a
>share. Any other connections to a share on the same server do not start a
>fresh smbd, except in special circumstances (eg, using netbios aliases ...).

In the interests of accuracy, further comment is needed:

  ... Any other connections to shares on the same server by the same user
from the same client do not start a fresh smbd ...

>>Also note, that every configure option on share basis are set for each
>>sharing (even if it's not specified.
>>you might be having a problem with memory addresses. You should certainly
>>have your routine check for null data.
>>Just some ideas. I haven't actually read your code, but I've done lots of
>>poking around in the loadparam code.
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>>I did some altering of the code I just sent (it's attached to this mail),
>>this is the code we're going to use at my university. After checking syslog
>>I see that the code is actually run for all shares, however, it's only
>>effective when it should be. So my question is, why is it run for every
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