Adding a feature to the smbd

Thomas Langås tlan at
Sat Jan 20 23:16:25 GMT 2001

Richard Sharpe:
> >Don't mind my last posting :)  I found the part I think you're refering too,
> >it was called sys_popen();  I've included that now... Should I send the
> >diff-file to the list?
> Please do ... And a short description of what it is intended for, including
> examples if you can ... It may be that there is an existing mechanism that
> can do the job.

Ok, this whole thing started when we decided to transfer our
Windows-profiles for each users from profile-server to our samba-servers.
Since we have a lot of computer labs, and a lot of them have different
programs installed, you can't have the same profile in each lab. So, it was
one of two things, either have different profile-shares for each lab, or
have one share and let samba do the job selecting which path you should get
as your profile-dir. This was when I decided to create a feature I called
"enhanced path=", it's an option in the shares-config. Instead of sending
"path=" you set "enhanced path=". The value in "enhanced path=" is a
program/shell-script that sends a line of text to stdout, smbd then reads
this output and uses this output as the "path=" string (it set's the
.szPath-string, actually). I'm using standard_sub_basic on the value passed
with "enhanced path=" so that you can use %I, %M, etc. to achieve the wanted
dynamic configuration. I asked on the reg. samba list before doing this
patch, and no one seemed to think of a solution that could do this with
todays options. 

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< static BOOL handle_enhanced_path(char *pszParmValue,char **ptr);
<   {"enhanced path",    P_STRING,  P_LOCAL,  &sDefault.szPath,           handle_enhanced_path,   NULL,  FLAG_BASIC|FLAG_SHARE|FLAG_PRINT|FLAG_DOS_STRING},
< //Don't know is this one is needed...
< FN_LOCAL_STRING(lp_enhanced_pathname,szPath)
< /***************************************************************************
<  This routine allows you to define a shell-script/program that returns a
<  string. This string will then be the path used.
<  pszParmValue - Contains the command
<  ptr          - Points to szPath
<  This routine is done by Thomas Lang?s (tlan at
< ***************************************************************************/
< static BOOL handle_enhanced_path(char *pszParmValue,char **ptr)
< {
< 	pstring output, cmd;
< 	FILE *mypipe;
< 	int retvalue,i;
< 	retvalue = 0;
< 	pstrcpy(cmd, pszParmValue);
< 	standard_sub_basic(cmd);
< 	//sys_popen is a safe-wrapper around popen...
< 	if ((mypipe = sys_popen(cmd, "r", True)) != NULL) {
< 		if (fgets(output, sizeof(output), mypipe) != NULL) {
< 			retvalue = pclose(mypipe);
< 		} else {
< 			//Just ditch the rest of the output
< 			while (fgets(cmd, sizeof(cmd), mypipe) != NULL) {}
< 			retvalue = pclose(mypipe); 
< 		}
< 		if (retvalue != 0) 
< 			DEBUG(0, ("handle_enhanced_path: Command exited with value %d, it echoed \047%s\047", retvalue, output));
<                 for (i=0;i<strlen(output);i++)
< 			if (output[i] == '\n')
< 				output[i] = '\0';
< 		unix_to_dos(output, True);
< 		string_set(ptr, (char *) &output[0]);
< 		return(True);
< 	} else { //Error
< 		DEBUG(0, ("handle_enhanced_path: Failed trying to open \047%s\047 as pipe\n", pszParmValue));
< 		return(True);
< 	}
< }

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