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Hi Spiro,

just so that you know, Samba-technical is a list used by the samba
developers and others to discuss technical issues about the implementation /
design of the software. Please refrain to post to this list unless you need
to discuss something of this nature. Instead you should feel free to seek
help or provide assistance to others by using some of the other samba lists
currently available - Check the samba web site for a list of all available
lists and their main purpose.

To help you out with your first contact with samba... I suggest you look at
the documentation provided at the samba web site ( -
and remember to pick your closest mirror site!

Also, I would suggest you look at  There you will find a relevant
howto document to get you started.

You might also want to join the appropriate samba list(s) just in case you
need help on the way ( (This link
comes from the Australian mirror, I suggest you find the relevant part of
the corresponding part of the site on _your_ closest mirror instead).

Thank you for your understanding about posting on Samba-Technical and I hope
you find samba as useful a tool as it is to so many others already.

All the best,

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      I am new to samba, and am very anxious to learn and set it up. I have
purchased a few books and read the sections on samba and am still having
difficulty setting up a simple server. Any suggestions of a step by step
documentation out there, or anything else that will help me through this. I
eventually would like to set up a larger network with about 16 clients and
printservers to provide a more stable enviornment for a POS a friend of mine
is trying to run.

  Thank you for any help.

  Spiros Georgopanos
  kandar at

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