inet_aton on Solaris 8

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at
Wed Jan 17 13:09:59 GMT 2001

Alan Romeril wrote:
> It`s in libresolv!  However, Samba doesn`t link against libresolv as a
> default.

	Please **don't** link to the inet_aton in libresolv[2].

	It is present only for other system libraries to
	call, and is marked "private" in the internal 
	versioning system. If you use it, you'll pull a fatal
	error from appcert, for good reason....

	It's likely to be changed in a later release, on the 
	advice of Richard Stevens.  Have a look at pages 70-73
	in Unix Network Programming, second ed, where he warns 
	about the inet_aton, inet_addr and inet_ntoa functions. 
	He suggests a set of IPv4- and IPv6-compatable
	replacements in the next section: there are both 
	reliability and portability issues with the older 

	So don't go there (;-))

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