"netbios-dgm 138/udp" ?

Ulf Bertilsson Ulf.Bertilsson at adcomdata.no
Fri Jan 12 08:58:56 GMT 2001

> UDP/138 is the NetBIOS datagram port.
> It is used to emulate NetBIOS datagram services over TCP.

Ok, I was guessing this.

> See:  http://www.ubiqx.org/cifs/NetBIOS.html
> The first section provides an overview of NetBIOS emulation 
> over TCP/IP. 

Thank you Chris, I have now done my homework.
> ...and yes, it should be in your 'services' file.  You should have:
> netbios-ns	137/udp
> netbios-dgm	138/udp
> netbios-ssn	139/tcp
> (Note that the last one is TCP, not UDP.)

The reason for me asking this in the first place,
was an project I'm working on.

An installer script for Samba.

I was reading a copy of "Using Samba" page 48,
where only port 137 and 139 where told to be added to 'services'.

This made me confused, and I wanted to learn more about this.

Best regards
Ulf Bertilsson
Amiga Samba Team
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