I think MS just did us (and themselves) a disservice.

Michael E Osborne mosborne at jacads.com
Wed Jan 10 23:24:28 GMT 2001

Windows boxes (at least NT+) do allow aliases, but you have to modify the
registry directly to use them.

> >It allows the IP because, by choosing the IP, you force it to connect to
> >the *SMBSERVER generic name rather than the specific name.  Note that
> >IP address is equivalent to using a DNS name.
> More precisely, the client observes that the server name is different
> any it already has connected, so it places a new TCP connection.

Right, but since Windows boxes do not allow aliases, the only two options
are the 'real' service name and the *SMBSERVER generic name.  Thus, two
connections max.

> This is suboptimal, though, because if server, and user and workgroup are
> the same, we should be able to put the new share request down the same
> connection, but if user is different, then we will automatically create a
> new connection.

In the case where Samba is the server, would reusing the existing
connection reduce the number of spawned smbd daemons?

In any case, it sounds like a worth-while optimization.

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