I think MS just did us (and themselves) a disservice.

David Flynn Dave at keston.u-net.com
Wed Jan 10 20:01:55 GMT 2001

>  Gouget writes:
> >
> >   This has been there since at least NT 3.51. I've never been able to
> >connect to a server with two different ids.
> >
> >   Also, despite what they say, I suspect it's not for security reasons
> >but truely because of _bad_ design. Or at least it must be simpler for
> >them to handle it that way.
> I miss this. When we used to have Windows 3.1 and PC-NFS I used to
> connect over a dozen drive letters to different servers using upto 3 or 4
> it made management much easier!

the problem is using a single server.  you can not connect to the _same_
server with different credentials.  its annoying, sure, what you said is
true and still can be done, you can connect to MANY differerent servers with
different credentials, but not to a single server.

> Barry V Dean


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