I think MS just did us (and themselves) a disservice.

Martin Sjoelin martins at ieee.org
Wed Jan 10 17:14:58 GMT 2001

A small hack which you can try is to replace
the server (hostname) with its IP address, e.g.

 net use x: \\server's-ip-address\share /user:domain/username password
I have a vague memory of that then you create a second
connection from the client using another set of
credentials. But this was a long time ago (2 year)
that I worked with this (under NT4).



armand.welsh at sscims.com wrote:
> You still can, only now you have to drop to a DOS (or CMD) prompt and use
> the net.exe utility.
> c:\> NET USE x: \\SERVER\SHARE /USER:domain/username
> This attaches you to the share as the requested user.  The problem only
> appears when you try to access the same server as two different users.
> Microsoft claims to not support this at the client for security reasons, yet
> some systems work, while other don't.  So their claim is just a smoke screen
> to try and eliminate the need for a fix.
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> ->      I miss this. When we used to have Windows 3.1 and
> -> PC-NFS I used to
> -> connect over a dozen drive letters to different servers
> -> using upto 3 or 4 IDs,
> -> it made management much easier!
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> ->      But then we must not forget, Windows is easier to manage now :-)
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