nis+ auto_home fix...

Tomoki AONO aono at
Tue Jan 9 01:04:36 GMT 2001

In <Pine.GSO.4.21.0101090132100.4073-100000 at>,
tsoome at wrote:

>> 2 problems: automount_lookup was declared static, but it's called from
>> lib/substitute.c - result is link failure (solaris 8).

I caught same problem on Solaris 2.4 box (when
--with-automount in configure time). It seems better fix
is to move automount_lookup() and related function
(strip_mount_options()?) into lib/substitute.c (as this
function is not called from any other file)... I think
someone forgot to move this function when lib/substitute.c
is split from lib/util.c .

I don't know whether other part of your fix is correct or
Tomoki AONO	(aono at

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