Compiler Error

root gustavok at
Mon Jan 8 17:56:25 GMT 2001


I am Network Administrator of  Center of Telecommunicatios from PUC/RJ -
Brazil. I have a Server Machine with RedHat 7.0 (Kernel 2.4.10) and  try
to install the SAMBA TNG 2.6 version. I execute  ./configure  command
with no problems, but  when i execute "make"  command the following
message appear:

"tdb/tdbutil.c: In Function `tdb_pack' :
  tdb/tdbutil.c / :119:`short unsigned int' is promoted to `int' when
password trhough `...'
   tdb/tdbutil.c/ :119: (so you should pass `int' not `short unsigned
int' to ' va_arg)
   make: *** [tdb/tdbutil.lo] Error 1 "
and  i can't  continue the installation. Please, someone help to me.

Thanks for Attention,
Gustavo Klaus Ruziscka.

P.S: Sorry, for poor english.

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