Sort of fix for the forms problem

Damian Ivereigh damian at
Fri Jan 5 03:59:42 GMT 2001

OK, here is a patch which should at least stop the garbage being
written to the data file.

It still isn't perfect since if you have multiple users connected each
reading and writing the whole forms list, the chances of an actual
delete or update working are pretty small (the other users will just
overwrite it).

I am wondering if this whole area could do with a re-write. There is
no good reason for the entire list to be pulled in just for an add,
update or delete. Not only is this a performance hit, it messes up
with multiple users.

Would anyone mind if I just re-did that bit of the code?

Damian Ivereigh
CEPS Team Lead
Desk: +61 2 8446 6344
Mob: +61 418 217 582

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