libsmbclient: Browsing and a URI spec?

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Fri Jan 5 04:17:09 GMT 2001

Kevin Colby typed this up:
> What I'm still not sure of is, if in the above example, the machine in
> question runs a Samba server in addition to being a client, when setting
> up the server's smb.conf, would you specify that the server's "workgroup"
> for the purposes of domain membership be the local domain or the central
> domain?

Yes, this is a reasonable question.  In more generic terms, the question
is this:  should the same file be used for server and client

I am not worried about this, because the only thing that libsmbclient 
really needs is a file in the same format with all the required values 
filled in.  It doesn't need to be the very same file.

> In an smbc.conf, these parameters could both be there and be
> named anything, but if you are inheriting smb.conf parameters, it would
> not be wise to change their meaning from smb.conf to smbc.conf. 

I see this point too.  That the meaning of a given parameter should not 
be changed.  However:

> So, if
> the server were joining the local domain, the parameters "workgroup" and
> "auth domain" might make sense, but if the server joins the central
> domain, better would be "workgroup" and "browse".  The definition of
> "workgroup" in an smbc.conf should mirror its meaning when inherited
> from smb.conf.

The meaning of WORKGROUP in smb.conf is a bit broader than you suggest, I
think.  In any case, the AUTH DOMAIN parameter would be fairly specific to
client activity and would be ignored by Samba itself.  I don't like the
term "browse" in this context, because that's what "workgroup" really

> That's all.  Sorry if I've made a big deal about nothing.

As long as it doesn't turn into a shouting match we're okay.  The more we
all know about all of this stuff the better.  The emperor has no clothes.

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