libsmbclient: Browsing and a URI spec?

Welsh, Armand armand.welsh at
Thu Jan 4 23:21:42 GMT 2001

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-> Yes, but it has also been pointed out that an NT domain is 
-> also workgroup.
-> I know the smb.conf parameter is named "workgroup".  That's 
-> immaterial.

Yes.  A workgroup, and an NT domain are requivalent.  The difference is in
how the client utilizes it.  If the client is to participate on the domain,
it will querry the workgroup, to the the domain controller.  If it is not
participating in the domain, then it doesn't query for the workgroup.  But
the way you implement the two are the same.


Note: an NT Workstation can be a domain member, or use a workgroup, not
both.  Windows9x machines can only use a workgroup, and optionally
authenticate with a domains' controller, but they are never domain members.

If you were to browse workgroup Grp1, you would see NTworkstationA,
NTworkstationB, and W95workstaitonA all listed (if they are hosting shares,
or generate LM Announcements)

If you were to browse workgroup Grp2, you would see W95workstationA only.

You do not browse a domain, you browse the domain's workgroup.
If you enumerate the domain members, then you won't see NTworksationA or
W95workstationA, but if you enumerate the workgroup, you do see the domain
members as well.  So, with that said, you do not browse a domain; this
function is intended for administration purposes, not network browsing.

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