libsmbclient: Browsing and a URI spec?

Welsh, Armand armand.welsh at
Thu Jan 4 22:59:17 GMT 2001

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-> Here is the issue.  If you look at the URI formats suggested, you'll
-> notice that "workgroup" and "domain" (in this context) are 
-> two potentially
-> different, optional parameters:
->   smb://[workgroup]/
-> smb://[[[domain;]user[:password]@]server[:port]][/share[/path
-> [/file]]]

correct.  two diffent, optional parameters, in two seperate contexts.

-> I get the feeling that there is demand for a library-wide 
-> configuration
-> of some sort of all optional parameters.  Therefore, you 
-> need to have a
-> way to set _both_ of these things.

Yes, but it doesn't need to be in the smb.conf, because nothing that uses
smb.conf to this date supports browsing in the way we are discussing, or
authentication in the manor being discussed.  True, this could be done in
smb.conf, but I say it should be in it's own file.  Why?  because smb.conf
is the config file for the samba suite.  It deals with configuring the
server, and only marginally does it have anything to do with the client.
The only place that it does deal with the client is that the client pulls
server settings, to use as default client settings. 

So looking at it again, can you agree that up to now, the smb.conf file is a
server config file?  

If so, and libsmbclient is a client only app, doesn't it make sense the this
client use a client only file?  If should change, in my oppinion, it's that
smbclient should look to the new client file, as the primary config file.

-> The question is, "If an SMB client inherited the same 
-> machine's server's
-> "workgroup" parameter, what should it mean to the client?"  
-> Does it mean
-> that the client should by default send "workgroup\user" as auth info
-> or does it mean the client should default browse to "workgroup"?  If
-> those are the same thing, no problem, but in the case where 
-> they are not,
-> what does "workgroup" in smb.conf mean?

Refering to an smbc.conf file proposal I sent out a few days ago, I would
say that there should be an smbc.conf file.  This file should contain a
field for domain, and a field for workgroup.  If the file is to make
reference back to smb.conf for these values, then there needs to be a level
of assumption involved.  the logic, as I see it is this:

domain = <authentication domain>
workgroup = <Default browsing workgroup>

if no domain value, default to no domain
if domain = *, set domain = smb.conf:workgroup value
if no workgroup value, default to entire network (no workgroup)
if workgroup = *, set workgroup = smb.conf:workgroup value

use the values as they are set now, to control the client.

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