ERROR: Out of policy handles

Greg Dickie greg at
Thu Jan 4 12:47:41 GMT 2001

I think I did that at one point last year but it didn't work. I'll try again.
BTW my PDC is an old TNG version, has the policy handle stuff changed
significantly do you know?


On 04-Jan-01 Gerald Carter wrote:
> Greg Dickie wrote:
>> I can reproduce this error quite easily with ClearCase and 
>> it hgas caused some amount of pain. Is it possible that 
>> NT actually times out a handle since I would expect the 
>> same problem on NT server if the application was actually
>> busted.
> No.  I could be that for ClearCase, we just don't have 
> a high enough default and that NT has a higher threshhold.
> Can you try to recreate this after setting MAX_OPEN_POLS to
> 256?
> Cheers, jerry
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