winbind in samba-HEAD

Tim Potter tpot at
Wed Jan 3 23:05:46 GMT 2001

Paul Sanders writes:

> We have run into similar problems - apparently the winbind code in samba 2.2
> was included only to verify compilation and is not functional [this is what i
> gather from reading the mailing lists for the last two months...].  We have
> found a couple ways to build winbind as follows [again, this has been gleaned
> from many posts and threads...]:

Correct.  I'm working on some routines that will enable winbindd
to be copied into HEAD.

[summary of getting winbindd to compile/work]

> rpm -hiv samba-appliance-0.5-src.rpm
> cd /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES
> tar -zxvf samba-appliance-0.5-src.tar.gz

I'd avoid the appliance releases and go straight to the CVS code
for the latest fixes.

> when we get winbind running and the samba box on the domain we
> get some puzzling behavior interacting with NT groups.  for
> instance: 'getent passwd' dumps a list of all NT domain users
> but 'getent group' starts listing NT groups but core dumps part
> way through.  In smb.conf I reduced the winbind gid range to
> 1000-1057 and 'getent group' will list the first 57 NT groups.
> If I set it to 1000-1058 or higher we get the seg fault.  Does
> anyone have any ideas on that one?

Sounds like a bug.  (-:  I'll check it out...



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