libsmbclient: Browsing and a URI spec?

Welsh, Armand armand.welsh at
Wed Jan 3 22:46:20 GMT 2001

not for authentication it doesn't.  At least, not on any version I have ever
used.  I always have to specify the workgroup... but then again.. Now that I
think of it... I don't remember using it on a real nt domain for a while
now.. hmmmm.. will test...

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-> On Wed, 3 Jan 2001, Michael B. Allen wrote:
-> > Is there a 'domain' parameter for smb.conf that's read by 
-> smbclient? I
-> > wish there were so I didn't have to type -W mydom 
-> everytime. Sounds like
-> > this would be good for too maybe?
-> Doesn't smbclient inherit the 'workgroup=' parameter from smb.conf?
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