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Dough, your right... dugh... I don't know what I was thinking... sorry....

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-> > not completely true.  It's common practice to have two 
-> wins servers on a
-> > network, replicating with each other, and having the 
-> clients point to both
-> > wins servers.
-> That's exactly what failover is for.  WINS failover allows 
-> Samba to switch
-> to a secondary WINS server if the first fails.  The other 
-> issue is using 
-> two WINS servers to resolve names.
-> If the two are synced, then there is no reason to ask both 
-> to resolve the
-> same name because they should both have the same list.  If 
-> the two are not
-> synced, then they represent separate name spaces and, per 
-> the RFCs, should
-> not both be queried. 
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