libsmbclient: Browsing and a URI spec?

Welsh, Armand armand.welsh at
Wed Jan 3 16:56:08 GMT 2001

Just to clarify, if this file doesn't exist, it makes sense to have a method
to read in smb.conf for default settings, but it shouldn't assume this

Perhaps this: (in psudo bash script form for logic)

if [ -f ~/.smbc/smbc.conf ]; then
	<use local config for settings>
else if [ -f /etc/smbc.conf ]; then
	<use global config for settings>
	<no defaults assumed>
	<exit in error>

then to expand the sameple config file, he use of a * for the value of a
variable, could mean to refer to smb.conf for the settings.

For ease of administration, a default /etc/smb.conf file could set out that
looks like this:

# Default Configuration Parmeters for libsmbclient

# Domain to Authenticate Against
# - if set, authenticate against any (*) domain controller
# - set to * to get value from /etc/smb.conf (use workgroup)

# Default workgroup to browse
# - if not set, and domain is set, then WORKGROUP=DOMAIN
# - set to * to get value from /etc/smb.conf

# NetBios Name to use for Client Browsing
# - set to * to get value from /etc/smb.conf

# Default user to Authenticate as
# - set to * to use logged in unix user name.

# list of WINS servers, space (" ") delimited
# - set to * to get value from /etc/smb.conf

a * in the user config would mean to pull values from /etc/smb.conf, where
an empty value (remark out the line, or delete the line) would pull the
values from the global /etc/smbc.conf file.  This would satisfy most every
condition.  If you want to use /etc/smb.conf, then the default
/etc/smbc.conf file will work out of the box, in this way.  But if you want
per user settings, or you want libsmbclient to use different
workgroups/domains, than the global one that samba is participating in, then
you can change them, globally for the machine, or per user.

Of course, this is just my oppinion.

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