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I must be mistaken... I can't find anything about name limitations on
MS-DOS, and rather than assume I remember this correctly, I am going to have
to assume that if it was an issue, that it would be in the knowledge base,
so lets just work off the assumption that the only limitation with
DOS/Windows 3.x is that a space bar is not permitted in the name.  (this
because DOS has no way of grouping parameters based on "" within it's
standard parsers, since it was never an issue in the past.)

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-> > Correct, and the DOS redirector, that Microsoft uses 
-> limits server names to
-> > 11 characters.  Just try addind a long name to NT, it will 
-> warn you about
-> > the name length for compatibility with DOS.  Though I have 
-> never actually
-> > tried using a DOS client with a long name, NT's GUI does 
-> complain that it
-> > could happen.
-> That is completely wierd.  I've never seen that before (and 
-> I started 
-> working with NetBIOS in 1989).
-> Does anyone have further information on this?
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