Bug in string_to_sid?

J.W. Hoogervorst J.W.Hoogervorst at uva.nl
Sun Dec 30 14:26:01 GMT 2001

I think there is a bug in string_to_sid (util_sid.c). It starts allocating P
(with strdup), then
does next_token a few times, and finaly it does a SAFE_FREE(p).

Now, my smbd crashes consistently on this last SAFE_FREE. I found this stops
as soon
as I put an q=p just after the strdup, and do the SAFE_FREE with that.
Hopefully someone
who has some more knowledge of C than me can find a proper fix for this
(My C is a bit rusty; I only remember hello_world ;-)

P.S. I'm not on the list, so please cc me.


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