Files bigger than 4 GB

Romeril, Alan a.romeril at
Thu Dec 27 19:43:02 GMT 2001

Hello All,
	Just had to shift a file that was just bigger than 4 GB between
machines (Samba 2.2.3-pre CVS server, one Samba 2.2.3-pre CVS client and
one Windows 2000 Server client) and have noticed a few problems with
smbclient, and one oddity with smbd.

	The smbclient problems are like this...
Here`s a test file, a bit over 4 GB
svr:bash-2.04#ls -l /tmp/c
-rw------T   1 alan     other    4344586728 Dec 28 01:07 /tmp/c

Looking at it through smbclient..
smb: \> ls c   
  c                                     49619432  Fri Dec 28 01:07:20

                38105 blocks of size 131072. 0 blocks available

Which is what`s left over a 4GB limit :/

Doing a "get" on the file is another problem as the "get" doesn`t
terminate (well it was still going at a local file size of 6 1/2 GB
before I killed it).

As for the smbd one...
Using the Windows client showed the other issue, the copy starts and the
GUI indicates 50 seconds or so to go, and the progress bar zooms along
until 99% then sits while the rest of the file (now below 4 GB) is being
copied while displaying ludicrous remaining times for the copy ( e.g
600000 minutes).  But the copy does finish, and the file looks okay.

This is on Sun Solaris 8, and using the gcc 2.95.2 compiler.

Has anyone else seen this either on Solaris or other platforms?


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