Can Samba co-operate?

Mike McCormack mike_mccormack at
Wed Dec 26 04:13:02 GMT 2001

Hi Martin,

The kernel would be a great place to put a NBT implementation because
we could:

* have a better security framework
* have better performance than a userspace daemon
* share NBT well between different processes

The downside would be that it's alot of work, it's not portable and it
could be argued that it doesn't _really_ belong in the kernel.

BTW. Wine doesn't support the SMB or NBT protocols as yet... it sees
SMB mounts like any other file, thru the VFS. This will be new
functionality for Wine; there's no old code to modify.


Original message from: "mbp at" <mbp at>
>I think in this design you'll also have to modify WINE to talk
>to the nbtd.  
>I guess you could argue that since this is a new protocol layer 
>shared between multiple applications it ought to be in the kernel...

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