Can Samba co-operate?

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Thu Dec 20 09:29:02 GMT 2001

Samba takes full ownership of those ports.

I've argued, from time to time, that it would be best to have a NBT daemon
to manage services on the three key ports.  I agree with the
counter-argument that Samba probably shouldn't be overhauled to work this
way.  On the other hand, I have started work on a code library that would 
allow exactly what I'm describing.

My thinking is that there would be an 'nbtd' that would manage NetBIOS
nameing, NetBIOS datagrams, and NetBIOS sessions as described in
RFC1001/1002.  On the local host, I'd have Unix Domain Sockets (or other 
IPC--eg. ARexx on Amiga) allowing clients to connect to the NBT vLAN via 
the nbtd.  One such client would be an SMB daemon.

At one end, the SMB daemon should be able to speak to the NBT daemon *or*
directly to the network via port 445.  At the other end, it would be
really nice to provide a local socket for named pipes, etc.  A system
administrator (someone with privilage, should be able to add services by 
"registering" them with the SMB daemon somehow.

Just an idea at this point, but one advantage of the architecture is 
that it would certainly handle the stuff you're interested in doing.

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> On 20 Dec 2001, Mike McCormack <mike_mccormack at> wrote:
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> > Hi,
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> > Is Samba capable of sharing port 137/138 with some other non-samba
> > NetBIOS client? If so, how is it done?
> Can you perhaps add a second IP address to your network card, and then
> run Samba on one address and Wine on the other?  That sounds much
> easier than trying to pass packets between them.
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