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Wed Dec 19 03:07:06 GMT 2001

Am 19 Dec 2001, um 1:00 Uhr schrieb Jean Francois Micouleau zum Thema Re: Client for Samba networks:
Dazu meine Meinung:

> On Tue, 18 Dec 2001, David Collier-Brown wrote:
> > 	A GINA that does a minimal window,
> > 	collects data and ships it to an
> > 	authentication server in some
> > 	appropriate format, and then displays
> > 	a sucess indication or a server-
> > 	supplied error message would allow us to
> > 	build suitable back-ends, and might
> > 	be more maintainable than previous ones.
> if my memory serves well (I haven't used nisgina for a very long time),
> the problem is the GINA layer a)is only useful for interactive logon,
> b)has access only to the local account database. So the accounts are
> created under the machine's sid.
correct - the GINA is only the GUI for an authentication package.
However, the authentication package API is documented in the platform SDK
and I've already written one that allows NT WKS to authenticate against LDAP -
and it wasn't as difficult as I had thought before...

> what's really needed is the internal api to the sam database, or the
> functions called by the lsa.
Both could be figured out with some patience. The platform SDK is a good
source of information...

Greetings, Osama

Osama Dengler

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