set_filetime problem

Juergen Hasch Hasch at
Sun Dec 16 06:47:06 GMT 2001

Hello Simo,

Am Sonntag, 16. Dezember 2001 14:57 schrieben Sie:
> I just checked the HEAD code and samba 2.0.7 code and they seem identical.
> So I think the problem is somewhere else.
> I'm testing the proposed patch.

I don't have 2.0.7 on my test machine and head won't compile because of some
issues with my kerberos5 installation...

I tested two approaches, both work. The first one was (like Mike Black 
proposed) to set the date after closing the file. This works.

The second approach is the one liner I sent to the list. It looks like it's 
enough just to flush the cache before setting the new date and closing the 
I believe it should be OK, because close_file flushes the cache, too.


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