Client for Samba Networks

Ken Cobler kcobler at
Fri Dec 14 19:42:03 GMT 2001


Forgive me, if this has been proposed before.   However,  has anyone
considered developing a Client for Samba Networks that is completely
independent of MS code and protocols?

Through the Client for Samba Networks, we could decide protocols, RCP
interface, authentication, etc. to optimize the network connection
between MS Windows based PCs and Samba servers.  Also, Domain or User
Authentication can be designed for optimally network protocol (i.e.

On my MS Windows '98 and 2000 machines, I can add Client for Microsoft
Networks, as well as, Client for NetWare Networks.  These clients must
link into the Windows OS to provide some networking interface.  There is
even a mechanism to add a new client to the Windows OS.

If someone is interested in such a task, please reply.  I'm interested
in developing such a Client for Samba Networks.  If someone is already
working on this, please let me know so I can see where I can help out.


Ken Cobler

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