SAMBA 3alpha. DOS - long filenames not listed.

Kelvin J. Hill samba at
Tue Dec 11 06:41:03 GMT 2001

I have compiled and tested Samba 3-alpha (CVS up to 10/12/01) and I have 
the following problem. Anyone tell me what I am doing wrong as I can't 
believe that I am the only person suffering from this.

The environment is Mandrake 7.2 with kernel 2.2.17 talking to multiple 
machines running Win98 and WinMe. This also happens on Mandrake 8.1 with 
kernel 2.4.8.

I have the ability to easily flick between samba 2.2.3 and samba 3.0 on 
the Linux server and perform comparison tests.

If I run 2.2.3 and on any of the PCs type inside a DOS box window the 
command "dir \\servername\sharename", I get a nice directory listing 
with the mangled name, file stats and the long filename. (This works 
with any sharename on the server.)

If I then flick over to 3.0 and do the same, I also get the nice 
directory listing as above. If however I pick any other sharename on the 
same server, I get a directory listing with the long filenames missing. 
It doesn't matter which sharename I work with. If they have been listed 
previously on 2.2.3 they will continue to list on 3.0. If they have not, 
then 3.0 gives the bad listing.

A fresh boot of both the Linux server with samba 3.0 and a PC with WinMe 
will ALWAYS result in a bad directly listing without a single long 
filename in sight.

 From the traces I have done, it seems that one the PC has negotiated a 
connection with a 2.2.3 sharename, the protocol used is used from there 
on in, even if the server version changes. However, any NEW connections 
from the PC to samba 3.0 cause the old style directory listing to be 
produced.  Looking at the  traces produced by log level 101 it seems 
that by default on 3.0 we seem to negotiate a directory listing using 
"get_dir_entry" in smbd/dir.c instead of "get_lanman2_dir_entry" in 
smbd/trans2.c, leading to the "broken" directory listing format.



Kelvin J. Hill
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