quotas not functioning.

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Fri Dec 7 15:43:04 GMT 2001

On Thu, Dec 06, 2001 at 11:18:27AM -0300, Ariel Mella wrote:
> when im using samba 2.2.2 ofcial release quotas function well.
> after a upgrade to the samba 2_2 cvs branch quotas stop working..
> i have a mount /home
> i have a directory for each user inside /home
> and the quotas  (of my linux system) are for the /home device (/dev/hdbx).
> i log onto a win9x workstation and when i check for the share of the user
> (under /home/%U) i see a total size of 500 MB (thats right) but when i
> create copy etc. files the used size never growth... alwais is 8kb.... if i
> check with quota -u "user" i see that in the linux system the quotas are
> handled well...
> any idea???

Which version of Linux ? Quota support is broken on Linus kernel
systems, Alan Cox kernel systems have working quotas code.


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