Win2K vs rpcclient

Esh, Andrew AEsh at
Fri Dec 7 14:07:08 GMT 2001

I've been doing some testing, and I am pretty certain that rpcclient won't
work with Win2K. I am trying to write a script which can create a trust
account on the PDC for a domain member machine. With older version of
Microsoft operating systems as the PDC, rpcclient is able to do this.

My tests of the TNG tool "samedit" are more successful. I am able to create
the accoount, but I have a question: Is there any way to set the "allow
pre-Windows 200 computers to use this account" flag in the Win2K PDC record
of each machine? It can be set manually in the server manager tool on Win2K,
but I need to do it from the outside. From the "Samba in Win2K Native Mode"
on this list in early November, I gather that that flag has to be set for
Samba to work with a Win2K PDC.

Also: Is there some way to find out if that flag is set? The only reference
I see to it is in the account creation dialog. It is not listed as one of
the properties, once the account has been created.

Is this the right approach, or is there some other alternative?

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