SAMBA_2_2: Failure with smbmounted volume

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Thu Dec 6 06:54:05 GMT 2001

Changing the list back. This is a technical problem with the source code,
not configuration.

My use of the word "smbmount" may have caused some confusion. My problem is
not with that tool, but with the volumes mounted as type "smbfs".

The problem I am having is with a volume that has been mounted as an smbfs
(Samba File System) on Linux. The "open" I am referring to is being done by
"cvs", which is a third party product. The strace listing in my original
message came from an strace of "cvs". The problem is not with "cvs", because
it goes away when I install the old Samba code and remount the volume.

The problem appears to be that the smbfs code returns "EIO" when a file is
not found, which is wrong. It should return "ENOENT", which is right. This
is what is returned by the old code. When "cvs" sees "EIO", it errors out,
because it was expecting success, or "ENOENT". It does not expect "EIO".

Again, the only change I need to make to fix this is reinstall the older
release-2-2-2 code, and remount the volume. Everything else remains exactly
the same. The obvious change in the "file not found" return value implies a
bug in the code.

One more time: The only change between success and failure is the date of
the Samba code.

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On Wed, 5 Dec 2001, Esh, Andrew wrote:

[changing lists to keep this on topic]

> I have another problem with the latest SAMBA_2_2 to report. I have a
> mounted from Windows NT4 server onto a Linux Redhat 7.1 client machine
> smbmount. When I opened a file while the volume was mounted using the old
> release-2-2-2 version of the source code, smb return value looked like
> in strace:
> 	open("CVS/Checkin.prog", O_RDONLY)      = -1 ENOENT (No such file or
> directory)
> This is correct, and there is no problem. When I perform the exact same
> operation with the same volume mounted using the latest (as of 2001-12-03
> 19:30 GMT) code, the open returns this way:
> 	open("./CVS/Checkin.prog", O_RDONLY)    = -1 EIO (Input/output
> error)

I don't see how this could be related to any changes in smbmount. smbmount
is not involved at all in handling open syscalls as it only mounts. Are
there even any changes in smbmount between SAMBA_2_2 and release-2-2-2?

Perhaps someone has changed what smbmount negotiates.

Did you change anything else beside samba version?

EIO is commonly returned by smbfs when it has detected what it thinks is a
network problem, such as the server disconnecting. Do you get any messages
from the kernel? (dmesg)

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