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Wed Dec 5 06:12:09 GMT 2001

The tip of SAMBA_2_2 appears to have a broken smbpasswd. I went back to
release-2-2-2, and that one works fine. Here's a session:

Started out good:

[root at pluto bin]# wbinfo -t
Secret is good

Cleaned up:

[root at pluto bin]# rm ../private/secrets.tdb 
rm: remove `../private/secrets.tdb'? y

Went to PDC and erased and re-created the trust account using the Server
Manager. Then tested the tip version of smbpasswd:

[root at pluto bin]# ./smbpasswd -j domain -r gc52
Unknown parameter encountered: "tfs fork limit"
Ignoring unknown parameter "tfs fork limit"
domain_client_validate: unable to fetch domain sid.
2001/12/04 17:11:04 : change_trust_account_password: Failed to change
password for domain DOMAIN.
Unable to join domain DOMAIN.

Same problem I've been faced with most of the day.
Tried the release-2-2-2 version:

[root at pluto bin]#
/usr/local/CVS/GPL/samba-2.2.2_tricord/source/bin/smbpasswd -j domain -r
2001/12/04 17:11:48 : change_trust_account_password: Changed password for
domain DOMAIN.
Joined domain DOMAIN.

There was no problem the second time. Same PDC, same fresh trust account,
same platform. The only difference it the smbpasswd binary. I think
something is wrong with the authentication in the new code.

I'll look into this more tomorrow, with packet traces and level 10 logs. I
just wanted to let you stew on this tonight, in case it's obvious what's

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