NetBIOS Aliasing

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 Take a look at the "Using Samba" book (html version available off of the site) Chapter 4 (disk shares) section "Virtual Servers".  This
discusses how to use the config file= or include= option to use different
smb.conf files based on the virtual netbios machine name that the connection
request comes in on...  I think this is what you are looking for.

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I ran across an "interesting" situation today, and haven't been able to
find anything on the web to help.  Samba supports NetBIOS aliases, but is
it possible to tie the aliased NetBIOS name to a specific smb.conf file
(or seperate directories?), similar to Apache's VirtualHost directive?

We're running two environments right now (development and testing), and
would like to have seperate NetBIOS names, but (for the time being) keep
them on the same server.  However, any folders available on one "server"
are available on the other.  In the future, we will (probably) split the
Samba servers to different locations, which is why it would be convenient
to split this to different "environments".

Any ideas if this is possible (or worth implementing in the future?)

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