Better info, oops regarding ECONNRESET

David Collier-Brown davecb at
Fri Aug 31 11:40:38 GMT 2001

"Green, Paul" wrote:
> I suggest instrumenting the call(s) that Samba makes to read with a DEBUG
> statement that is just like the TRUSS statement. The differences is that now
> when you set up the DEBUGLEVEL value in Samba, you will get this new
> pseudo-TRUSS output correctly mixed in with the usual Samba DEBUG
> statements.  I have done this locally to try to track down some problems
> with our POSIX runtime routines (still rather new).
	very good idea:  I find the negative read "interesting"
	and would like to know more.  If your truss supports
	teh -d date option (not the old -d, which did something else),
	turn that on and get a timestamped packet capture, so
	we can line up packets with log entries and trusses.

> I think that this negative read is really where things start to breakdown

	Very!  Feel free to send me lareg datafiles
	for correlation and selection, for the convenience
	of the team.

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