NetBIOS-free SMB protocol on port 445 in Windows 2000/XP

Mayers, Philip J p.mayers at
Fri Aug 31 11:28:45 GMT 2001

There are no special requirements (dns-wise) for the clients. The only
difference between the 445 and 139 protocol is the absence of the NetBIOS
layer, and the addition of a simple 4-byte frame, IIRC. What this means is
that name resolution now goes via DNS rather than WINS/NetBIOS - i.e.
\\fileserver is no longer a valid name, but \\ is
(\\fileserver might be valid if the client's default domain is or
the domain search path includes

What are you thinking the client needs to do? It certainly doesn't need to
do DDNS client updates (in fact, we run an environment where only the AD
controllers do that - clients use static entries, and it works fine).


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> Which clients don't already do DNS? smbclient and Windoze both do.

Basic name resolution will be trivial I guess.

But this "Active DNS" registration,
not to mention the Active Direcory/Kerberos integration.

I would suspect some requriments in the client here.
Maybe the deamons will handle this ?

Still I might be off base,
I rest my case and do some reading.

Old legacy OS :)

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