LDAP in 2.2 branch

Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo jose at jaimedelamo.eu.org
Fri Aug 31 11:26:41 GMT 2001


  I'm very interested in LDAP support in SAMBA. I have seen that Shahms 
 E. King has made a patch, but I don't know if it is against the released
 version (2.2.1a at this time) or against the CVS.
  The thing that is confusing me is that I think that in the CVS, in 
 SAMBA_2_2 branch, seems like passdb code is being backported from HEAD 
 branch, and it seems that the LDAP stuff is being included. *methinks*

  So, I'd like to know when this new 2.2 version is going to be released,
 or how to apply the Shahms' patch and against which pristine source
 version should I do it.

  Thank you!

PD: Please, CC: me, I'm not subscribed to this list right now. Thankyou!
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