Samba and HP-UX, connection.tdb troubles

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Thu Aug 30 13:25:40 GMT 2001

Hello Robert,
What I'd like to do is "catch it in the act" - that is get level 3 or
greater debug logs at the FIRST sign of trouble.  If you have the disk
space, and can bump up your log level to 3 or higher, and try to FORCE the
problem as soon as possible (in your case, sounds like the connection
database it the weak point, so lots of connections), and monitor the log
files; as soon as you get ANY tdb related error, copy the log files off, tar
them up, and I'll take a look at them. It would be nice to cp the tdb files
as well;  Right now I'm pretty clueless as to what's happening - I'm
wondering if 'sparceness' in these files is a problem (ie du shows
a number of blocks that is less than an ll of the file shows...); so maybe
an ll and du of the affected tdb files might be in order as well (the
original's at the time, NOT the copies)...
I hope someone else on the list can give some ideas as well.

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Dear Mr. McCall

On the Samba-technical list I witnessed the discussion between you and Mr.
Svarer about problems with the samba connection DB.

My HP R390 with HP-UX 10.20 and Samba 2.2.1a has the exact same problems. It
seems to occur when a larger number of clients is connected to the Samba
PDC. The exact number is unknown to me, but I have no problems (so far) with
10 connected clients, and I get problems within the hour (sometimes within
minutes) if I switch on another 72 Windows NT 4 clients.

My Samba is compiled without mmap support (seems to fail on HP-UX)

If I can be of any assistance (providing more information, for instance)
please let me know. Resetting Samba every hour is not a nice thing to do ;-)

Robert Erica

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