NetBIOS-free SMB protocol on port 445 in Windows 2000/XP

Ulf Bertilsson ulf.bertilsson at
Thu Aug 30 06:32:50 GMT 2001

> Hi,
> Yesterday a friend forwarded to me this URL at Microsoft:
> It is about support in Windows 2000/XP for running SMB for
> file and printer sharing over port 445, with no overhead of
> NetBIOS.
> The question of course is, are the Samba Team aware of this,
> and can it be supported in future versions of Samba?
> The webpage says it is possible to set up a Win 2000/XP network to
> only use the new protocol, and shut out SMB/NetBIOS networking on
> ports 137-139 entirely.

"Standardizing name resolution on DNS for file and printer sharing."

I guess Chris H is not quite happy with that one ;)

I wonder if the basic TCP/IP stacks needs some updates as well ?

Ulf Bertilsson
Amiga Samba Team

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