NetBIOS-free SMB protocol on port 445 in Windows 2000/XP

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Wed Aug 29 22:02:50 GMT 2001

> Chris Hertel wrote:
> > Yes, we know.  Have known for over a year.
> > I think it was Tridge who convinced Microsoft to use port 445. 
> Cool.  So can I assume that it will be no problem to add support for it?
> And are plans for such in process?

I think so.  I know that work is in progress on various fronts to handle
some sort of directory system, to mimic Active Disastery and the like.
The SMB packets are not much different in the two versions.

Continued pressure on Microsoft to release their proprietary Kerberos PAC
information in some sort of usable form would be a good thing.  Currently,
the docs are published but under a license that makes them useless.

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