Time-critical problem at Sun: exploding smbd memory usage

tony shepherd tony.shepherd at aus.sun.com
Thu Aug 23 06:30:21 GMT 2001

Many thanks to all of you for help in tracking down the problem and
providing a fix.  I have applied the patch and it appears to be
working.  I will let you know if our testing over the next week or so
turn up any problems.

Again, thanks for this.  I did not expect the fix to be so quick.



Richard Bollinger wrote:
> Try the attached patch to fix the printer related leakage on Solaris.  We also have about 300
> printers.
> Rich Bollinger, Elliott Company
>   ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>                      Name: fixleaks.patch
>    fixleaks.patch    Type: unspecified type (application/octet-stream)
>                  Encoding: quoted-printable

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